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Train Sim Improved Rails & Electrical Wires

Work continues on the next update to Train Sim with the main focus on improved 3D Rails & Electrical Wires.

This turned out to be more difficult than I originally thought, due to the fact that I had to update a major system in Train Sim that creates the tracks and wires on a predefined path. This means that all the tracks in Train Sim had to be remade & then re-tested.

Also because the the height of the 3D tracks have changed, I had to re-test all the Trains & Cars to ensure their positioning on the tracks is correct.

After a month of work and quite a few 12AM nights, I think all the tracks & trains are now positioned correctly. However I still have to check the positioning of all the cars & perform a full test cycle of the game.

Coming Soon to Train Sim

Metrovagonmash 81-760/761 Added to Train Sim

Metrovagonmash 81-760Train Sim 3.4.3 was release for Android.  This is a rather large update that added a new Subway Train and an amazing 3D Cab for the Challenger Locomotive.  This means that The Flying Scotsman is the last train to feature a 2D Cabin and I hope to have that fixed in the next release.  In this release I also made it possible for all opposite trains to stop at stations, making their behaviour slightly more realistic.

Metrovagonmash 81-760Here is the list of new features in Train Sim version 3.4.3:

-3D Cab for Challenger Train
-Track Switching to the Desert andMountain Scenes
-Metrovagonmash 81-760 Subway Train
-More Historically Accurate Flying Scotsman Tender
-Opposite Trains now stop on stations

This weekend I will try to get Train Sim iOS version updated as well, which means it could go live within 7-10 days.