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Train Sim Update Live

Train Sim Update for Android is now Live! This update features:

  • Added New Alternative Paint Scheme for Pacific Surfliner
  • Added Interior View for Pacific Surfliner passenger car
  • Added Christmas Tree as a placable item in Custom Environment Level
  • Added new Tarp Wrapped Car
  • Fixed Stephenson Rocket Reverse Wheel Animation
  • Bug Fixes

Happy Rails!

Paper Pilot

I have been working on a new game inspired by one of my favourite games from my youth called Glider. Paper Pilot is a game where you fly a paper airplane through house avoiding obstacles in this action puzzle game. Your paper glider has good flight characteristics however without an engine it naturally looses height and will eventually hit the floor. You must use wind coming from floor vents to achieve lift and avoid furniture and other items located throughout the house. Touching the floor or any obstacles crashes the airplane.

Now available for Android iOS Coming Soon!

Train Sim Deployment Continues

This weekend has been very rainy in my home town of Calgary (Canada) so I was able to focus more on deploying the new version of Train Sim to the other platforms.

So far I managed to convert and test the new version Train Sim for iOS and uploaded it to the Apple App Store (should be live on your favourite iPhone or iPad within a in a day or so)

While I was testing the iOS version I found a few bugs so I also released a beta version for Android with a few of these bug fixes: (link:

The new beta version of Train Sim has the following fixes:

– Fixed an issue where Steam Train Wheels would some times not turn
– Rail Crossings now have flashing lights (again)
– Weed whacked some grass that grew over the Train Tracks in the Desert Level
– Fixed some tenders were jittery

All of the above fixes are already present in the new iOS version.

Happy Rails!