Kids Train Sim

Kids Train Sim

The success of my Train Simulator (Train Sim) had much to do with the fact that it was liked by both adults and kids.  However both of these groups were looking for different features in the game.  For kids we needed to keep the game & user interface very simple.  However older players wanted more complicated and realistics features.

Kids Train Sim

For this reason I decided to create Kids Train Sim.  The game is very similar to Train Sim as
it allows you to control a train as it goes around a track. Activate the horn or bell, control speed. Stop and stations, switch between passenger, steam and freight trains. Pan/Zoom around the train or enjoy the ride as one of the passengers.

Kids Train Sim

The main difference between Kids Trains & Train Sim is that Kids Trains features a more cartoony look, and is going to remain very simple to use, while Train Sim will continue to receive more advanced features that are liked by older players.


“My 4 year old, train obsessed son, loves this. The basics are simple enough for him (horn, lights, bell, speed) to operate on his own and have a blast, but there’s plenty of options for him learn as he gets more skilled.”

“My 11 year old autistic grandson plays it every morning before school”

“Really simple but surprisingly good fun. I got this for my train obsessed 4yo and he loves it! He especially loves making the trains go super fast and watching them derail, I must admit… even I get some amusement when the engines flip and roll uncontrollably. All in all, a great app and worth installing if you have a child who can identify each engine style and is content with basic functions and features.”


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